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Feeding the success of our partners through relationships and innovation.

Barrett Petfood was founded on a simple promise: If we wouldn’t feed it to our own pets, you won’t find it in our products. We help pets and pet food companies thrive by delivering a premium manufacturing and brand services experience that takes pet food from idea to bowl with integrity.

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Bringing the world’s best pet food to bowls around the world.

At Barrett, we’re more than co-manufactures — Led by owners, Tom and Sarah Barrett, and our team of industry experts, we understand the importance of quality and customer appeal to brand success in this increasingly competitive market. Tom and Sarah built the business on this fact alone. They dedicate personal involvement in each brand by establishing a nimble and trust-based partnership that differentiates Barrett and our partners in the industry. We’re dedicated to helping you develop your brand through diet creation, sourcing, processing, packaging and distribution capabilities.

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Wagging since 2006.

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our history

In 2006, Barrett Petfood was introduced to the pet food industry when a piece of equipment was purchased by Mike Barrett, an agricultural entrepreneur, with anticipation to manufacture agricultural products. The Barretts realized that the piece of equipment was truly designed for food manufacturing. Seeing the opportunity, Mike and his children (Tom and Sarah), strategically decided to pivot into the pet food industry. Mike soon transitioned ownership and leadership of the company to Tom and Sarah, while he, still to this day, focuses on the farming aspect of the business, growing ingredients for Barrett as a local supplier.  

With Tom and Sarah leading the company, the business continues to grow at an exponential rate. While the decision to enter the pet food industry was well-timed for the Barretts, the growth had more to do with how the two siblings decided to position the company in the industry.  

Tom and Sarah, first decided to focus on their strengths. Tom took over the business development and key supply chain activities, while Sarah played to her unique capability in understanding how to operationalize numerous pieces of equipment and people to ensure quality and product expectations were met for their customers. They used, and still do, a “Don’t Say No” philosophy that allowed Barrett and their growing partners to push the limits of what a super premium pet food could be. This innovation mindset, coupled with a relationship-based business approach, quickly made the two of them emerging and now respected leaders in the pet food industry.  

While continuing to focus on partner brand growth, the Barretts saw their next opportunity to expand their operations. In 2020, Barrett opened a second manufacturing facility in Little Falls, Minnesota, adding 160,000 square feet and two additional production lines to their operations.

Today, Barrett Petfood produces hundreds of formulas that feed dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, livestock and zoo animals around the world. Sourced locally and shipped globally, Barrett Petfood produces and delivers some of the top super premium pet food diets in the industry.  


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If you’re looking for a career that offers great benefits, opportunities for growth, and an upbeat, family-friendly culture (oh, and free pet food!), there’s a place for you at Barrett!